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A ‘strong female character’



  • a character who is physically strong
  • a character who is mentally strong
  • a character who is emotionally strong


  • a character who makes her own choices, even if they’re mistakes
  • a character whose point of view is explored at least briefly
  • a character who is the hero of her own story whether she knows it or not

And that’s just a strong character, really.

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you know what i noticed?

sherlock is *less* rude to his father than he is to his mother.

when mummy displayed the slightest bit of affection for sherlock (in the form of a caress to the cheek) he immediately sought to remove himself from the interaction, as opposed to when his father displayed affection through his concern for Sherlock’s friends, sherlock simply acknowledges daddy’s sentiment without so much as a second thought.

this observation leads me to believe that sherlock may have spent more time around his father as opposed to his mother, alluding to how he ought to interact with the world given that his father seems to lack social skills as well.

just a thought

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